company background


Dr. Jitendra Nath Saha, the founder of PCI Software Pvt. Ltd. (PSPL), is a Non-Resident Indian residing in Toronto, Canada. With an Engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur , he completed his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at the University of Manchester, U.K. with valuable industrial experience in the computer industry in U.K. and Canada, his long-time passion has been to set up a technology firm in his homeland.  His dream became a reality with the incorporation of PSPL in 1995, employing highly-skilled and well-qualified professionals in geology, geophysics, geography, remote sensing, GIS, and IT disciplines.

Today, PSPL provides cost effective and timely solutions to customers not only in India but also to international end-users primarily due to its current status as a  wholly owned subsidy of Technika Enterprises Inc., 89 Hanson Road, Mississauga, Ontario, LB 2E3, Canada, Tel 905-270-2715,  with Dr. Jitendra Nath Saha ,as the President.

PSPL’s first success in sales in the Indian market came with the acceptance of EASI/PACE by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) through a global tender in 1995. This integrated technology of image processing, remote sensing and GIS in a single software package was selected by ISRO to analyze and interpret the Indian Remote Sensing Satellite data for the international market. Our product was further strengthened in 1996 with the acceptance of SPANS, a stand-alone GIS technology developed by PCI Enterprises Inc., Canada by National Informatics Centre (NIC), New Delhi for India wide applications.

During the joint-venture operation with PCI Geomatics Enterprises Inc. that spanned over a period of 15 years, a sizeable customer base was spread throughout India. We enhanced our technology with the signing of reseller agreements with several reputed vendors to bring to India state-of-the–art software products and services. Today, PSPL is recognized as a reliable supplier of foreign technology for natural resource management in the country.

In addition to selling cutting-edge technology to our customers, we started application development for our end-users. We discovered that almost every business needed an up-to-date map of areas of interest. Whether it was field survey data or satellite imagery or aerial photographs or LiDAR data, we were ready to process them cost effectively. We did several turn-key projects for Indian Defence organization, space agency  and various government and non-government sectors. Now, we have the most experienced workforce and cutting edge technologies to execute the large-scale Geospatial projects and provide solutions tailored to customer needs.