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  • Project-based user interface

  • Quick stereoscopic orientation

  • API integration with CAD and GIS

  • Software supports for all types of source image

  • Faster, accurate and cost effective photogrammetric production

Solutions/Key Benefits:

  • Summit Evolution works in a project-based environment, using triangulated photo blocks generated by MATCH-AT, or other software packages (BAE Socet Set, Z/I Image Station, Phorex, PATB, Applanix, Albany, Bingo, AeroSys, ENVI-prepared satellite projects, PCI-prepared satellite projects, and stereo raster dataset from Arc GIS for Server) The user can roam seamlessly throughout an entire project of any size.
  • The software produces digital topographic and engineering quality maps and geospatial data directly into ArcGIS, Auto-CAD or Microstation.
  • DAT/EM provides easy API integration of other CAD or GIS packages.
  • The technology is rich in sophisticated yet straightforward mapping functionality.
  • The software is developed for comfortable ease-of-use by photogrammetric professionals.
  • DAT/EM is considered globally as a cutting-edge technology.