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DAT/EM Systems makes mapping easier and provides precise data collection and fast, smooth and vivid 3D stereo viewing with the following state-of-the-art software tools:

1.Summit Evolution

A full-featured, affordable, user-friendly Windows based digital photogrammetric system. It is designed to be powerful and flexible, yet easy to learn, use, and customize. There are three levels of Summit Evolution: Full featured “Professional” with full orientation and 3D feature collection capability, “Feature Collection” for digitizing production work, and “Lite” for GIS users and others demanding easy stereo viewing and simple digitizing.

  • Summit Evolution provides the user with tools to manage large bundle-adjusted projects as well as smaller projects consisting of single stereo pairs.
  • Supports monochromatic, panchromatic, three-channel and multi-channel multispectral imagery
  • Supported image sources include scanned aerial film, matrix and push-broom digital airborne cameras, small- and medium-format metric cameras, close-range imagers, orthophotos, satellites, LiDAR, and synthetic aperture radar.
  • Imports third-party softcopy projects, aerotriangulation results, and other orientation files for quick setup.
  • Digitizes 3D vectors directly into AutoCAD, MicroStation, or ArcGIS using DAT/EM’s robust, world-class Capture interface.
  • Provides full range of manual and automatic image orientation capabilities
  • Provides a robust and easy-to-use user interface for maximum productivity
  • Provides advanced imaging features that makes Summit Evolution as a precise and easy-to-use photogrammetric software:

– Measurement with subpixel accuracy

– Quick frame sequential imaging

– Smooth real-time panning and zooming

– Unlimited zoom levels

– Automatic loading of adjacent stereomodels

-Real-time Terrain visualization tool

– On-the-fly epipolar resampling

– Airfield3D standards-compliant airspace obstruction mapping tool

– Automatic elevation snapping and terrain following tools

-Multiple project windows.

– Multiple stereo viewing windows

– 3D Vector Split window

– OpenGL for image rendering

– User-definable cursors

– Customizable GUI elements

 2. DAT/EM Capture

A popular stereoplotter interface and feature data collection program is offered in three ”flavors”, which are used for collecting 3D vector and DTM data directly into AutoCAD, MicroStation, or ArcGIS.

3. DAT/EM Project Viewer with Orthophoto and Mosaic

Summit Evolution offers easy-to-use orthophoto and mosaic generation tools.

4. DAT/EM Map/Editor

Software for automatic batch and vector editing in AutoCAD or MicroStation. Automatic batch map-editing of collected data can be applied for best mapping performance. Routines for data generalization, checking and automatic line editing are included as well.

5. Landscape

The new essential toolkit for editing, classifying, and 3D viewing of large LiDAR and terrain point sets.