company background

Why MapInfo


  • Cost effective GIS solutions

  • Integration with existing IT infrastructure

  • Optimized performance and scalability

  • User friendly software interface

  • Easy way to learn GIS

Solutions/Key Benefits:

  • MapInfo is one of the fastest and most powerful GIS-solutions – at an unbeatable price-performance. MapInfo Professional is relatively inexpensive GIS software as compared to its competitors

  • Worldwide there are about 1000 commercial applications based on MapInfo available for almost any kind of application area. As one of the only GIS products that supports OLE (Object Linking and Embedding), it has been integrated in all kind of existing products.

  • Specialist software companies can build operational applications by embedding MapInfo Professional within their own applications to reduce the cost and effort of creating their application. They achieve this using MapBasic or Microsoft Visual Studio.

  • MapInfo Professional enables users to quickly perform detailed data analysis and assuresfast data delivery.

  • Users of MapInfo Products consider it to be easier to use than many of its competitors.

  • Learning MapInfo software is therefore relatively easy. Course and additional learning materials are widely available globally.