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MapInfo Professional

MapInfo Professional is an industry leading location intelligence desktop solution used for mapping and geospatial data analysis. It allows user to visualize, analyze, interpret, understand and output data in ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends.

  • MapInfo Professional provides built-in support to access and view a variety of data formats directly.
  • MapInfo Professionals geocoding capabilities allows user to add spatial coordinates to any table containing location information.
  • MapInfo Professional provides a robust toolbox of drawing, editing, digitizing, and processing tools that helps you create and work with spatial data.
  • MapInfo Professional fully supports SQL query capability and adds geographic selection extensions such as contains, within, and intersects.
  • MapInfo Professional provides many CAD data creation and editing tools as well as the ability to edit the tabular data such as values and names.
  • MapInfo Professional offers you advanced visualization capabilities that are essential in any mapping program. Choose from three interactive views of data – maps, graphs, and tables. Selections and changes in one view immediately appear in all.
  • MapInfo Professional makes data sharing easy, MapInfo Professional is Web-enabled. User can publish maps on the World Wide Web with HTML image maps.
  • MapInfo Professional supports access to the latest database sources (for use with Oracle8i Oracle 9iR2, 10Gr2, 11G, IBM DB2 Extender and Informix® Universal Server etc.)
  • 3D visualization in MapInfo Professional allows for freehand tilt and rotations of your maps as well as for traditional panning and zooming.