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Technology Overview

Organizations that utilize geospatial data possess extremely valuable information locked inside complex applications that only a small number of professionals understand and know how to use them effectively. This poses a significant challenge to those attempting to transfer this information to less-skilled end users.

The TerraGo technologies invented an innovative means of converting complex, intricate geographic information systems (GIS) data into a format that allows users without advanced training in GIS applications to understand and exploit the geospatial information. Based on Adobe’s Portable Document File (PDF) format, the georeferenced PDF GeoPDF® was developed by TerraGo Technologies to provide GIS professionals an ability to share georeferenced maps and data with decision makers, planners and others who may not be GIS specialists.

TerraGo® Technologies geospatial collaboration software and GeoPDF® maps and imagery are among the most widely adopted solutions to produce, access, update and share geospatial information with anyone, anywhere. TerraGo solutions enable enterprises to extend and exchange geo-referenced maps, imagery, audio, video and other intelligence in connected and offline environments.