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1.TerraGo Publisher

TerraGo Publisher is the solution GIS technicians use to create GeoPDF maps from GIS data.

  • Create portable, easy-to-use PDF version of GIS data

  • Maintain attributes and layers in the resulting GeoPDF

  • Deliver high-quality compressed imagery in the GeoPDF

  • Enable GeoMark capability

  • Enable rapid republishing

2.TerraGo Composer

TerraGo Composer is the solution that enables assembly of GeoPDFs into MapBooks and digital atlases for a more seamless experience for the end user who needs access to large geographic areas.

  • Create index maps for easy navigation to a specific map

  • Hyperlink for quick movement from one map to an adjacent map

  • Batch geo-register large projects requiring an extensive series of GeoPDFs

  • Convert any PDF-based map to a GeoPDF file

  • Assemble maps from multiple sources into one GeoPDF

3.TerraGo 3D Composer

TerraGo 3D Composer converts very large fi les with elevation data typically viewed in specialized software and enables any user to view terrain in three dimensions.

  • View georeferenced elevation data

  • Rotate view for enhanced terrain awareness

  • Measure distance and area and bearing over 3D terrain

  • Line-of-Sight analysis on 3D terrain

4.TerraGo Publisher for Raster

TerraGo Publisher for Raster helps organisations meet the challenge of sharing large geospatial raster imagery with field workforces. By using advanced compression techniques (typically seeing a 1 to 100 compression ratio) TerraGo delivers highly portable, dynamic, multilayer satellite images that can be marked-up by field resources and sent back to operation headquarters.

  • Specifically designed for generating GeoPDF files from geospatial imagery.

  • Support major geospatial raster formats including ADRG, CADRG, CIB, IMG, MrSID, NITF and GeoTIFF

  • Interactively select image bands to import to GeoPDF

  • Create custom band layer names

  • Subset and optimize image files

  • Apply histogram stretching for image enhancement

  • Allow users to set compression type and quality for optimal file size

  • View multiple raster sources in a single instance of Adobe Reader

  • Control output DPI or scale for more flexibility on map dimensions

5.TerraGo Mobile

TerraGo Mobile for Android puts location intelligence in the hands of anyone, anywhere as a rich, interactive geospatial application. Leveraging the TerraGo Platform, TerraGo Mobile for Android provides smartphone and tablet users with easy-to-use, GeoPDF -based applications that bring maps, imagery, geospatial information and workflow features to online and offline environments, or wherever the mission requires.

  • Navigate with maps

  • Track location with integrated GPS functionality in the device

  • GeoMark with notes, images, video, and audio

  • Import and export GeoMarks to and from other GeoPDFs, GIS systems and other applications