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TerraScan is a dedicated software solution for processing laser scanning points. It can easily handle millions of points as all routines are tweaked for optimum performance.

TerraScan reads-in raw laser points and classifies them to user-defined point classes like ground, vegetation and buildings. Its versatile tools prove useful whether you are surveying transmission lines, flood plains, proposed highways, stock piles, forest areas or for city models

  • Read raw laser points

  • Transforms points from WGS 84 to local co-ordinate systems.

  • Adjusts the elevation of points to Geoids.

  • Views point clouds in 3D.

  • Displays points in different colored modes: class, echo, flight line, intensity, height, point color.

  • Manual and automated point classification routines.

  • Filters out erroneous like low and high points

  • Thins and smoothens ground points.

  • Exports points as raster images and grids.

  • Projects points into profiles.

  • Detects power lines using least squares fitting.

  • Supports all generally used point formats. User can define his own ASCII formats.


TerraMatch is a sophisticated application for correcting orientation errors in laser data points. TerraMatch compares overlapping laser strips with each other and corrects orientation parameters to obtain the best fit and improved accuracy of the laser data.

The adjustment is based on measured differences between the xyz shape or the intensity of laser points from different strips The user can decide whether TerraMatch matches all then data points or only points from selected flight lines.

  • A fully automatic procedure for correction of laser

  • scanned surfaces

  • Rigid modeling of errors in orientation

  • Least-squares adjustment for estimation of orientation errors

  • The observations are differences in elevation and/or

  • intensity

  • Area based matching adjusted to the geometry of laser

  • scanning

  • “Data-snooping” for detection of gross errors


TerraModeler is a terrain modeling application built on top of MicroStation. It creates surface models (TIN) of ground, soil layers or design elements by reading in laser points, graphical design elements or XYZ text files. Versatile functions to edit TINs and display them as contours, colored nets, profiles as well as calculate volumes between TINs makes TerraModeler a powerful package for many environmental design purposes.

  • Create TINs automatically.

  • Modify TINs Interactively

  • Calculate Volumes Quickly and Accurately even in Field Conditions

  • Versatile Functions to Import and Export TINs

  • Fast Triangulation


TerraPhoto is epitomized to process raw image frames captured by airborne or on vehicle based survey systems.It is specifically written for handling images taken during a laser scanning mission and uses the laser data for an accurate ground model. The complete orthorectification process can be performed without having any known points at the site.

  • Single pass method creates directly a mosaic of an orthorectified grid.

  • TerraPhoto derives elevation value for each pixel of raw images from TIN of ground laser points.

  • Interactive color correction by thumbnails color points.

  • Interactive seamline editing.

  • Camera calibration in-situ.