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Image Processing

PSPL offers the full range of image analysis services. Whether you own the imagery or would like PSPL to acquire the imagery for you, we provide customers with the cost effective solutions available on the market today. While many vendors are limited to using only low resolution satellite images, PSPL has the expertise to process the high resolution imagery on a large scale and the ability to utilize and integrate multiple sensors and multi-resolutions imagery into a single project. Our object-oriented image analysis approach offers innovative methods to detect individual features with very well-differentiated characteristics from their surroundings. We use leading edge image processing software and high-speed computers to extract meaningful information from the remotely sensed data.

We provide individual services as well as the full cycle implementation of image processing, such as:

  • Multi sensor image fusion

  • DEM extraction from high resolution stereo imagery

  • Ortho rectification and Orthophoto interpretation

  • Color balancing and image mosaicking

  • Object based image classification

  • Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) analysis

  • Hyperspectral image analysis

  • Defense specific imagery analysis