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LiDAR Mapping

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) has revolutionized the acquisition of digital elevation data and over recent years it has become widely accepted as an input tool for generating extremely accurate terrain models that are used in a variety of planning applications. While the technology is new to others, PSPL has developed specialized processes and customized routines for postproduction of LiDAR data and as a reseller of leading edge LiDAR equipments and software, PSPL has the ability to complete your project from data acquisition through post processing of LiDAR data.

PSPL provides turn-key LiDAR mapping services including following:

  • System integration and data acquisition

  • Data calibration

  • Classification and manual class editing

  • Feature extraction such as bare-earth and canopy, hydrologic features, buildings, planimetrics, infrastructure, topographic, under-canopy feature detection

  • LiDAR and digital image fusion

  • Full waveform exploitation

  • 3D model generation