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Web Mapping

Web GIS has revealed the immense value and applicability of GIS to e-government, e-business and daily life. The World Wide Web has changed the perspective on the role that maps can play. However, the basics for a successful Web-Mapping Service are high performance in data delivery and an easy and intuitive usability. We help you build up a customized Web-GIS for your geospatial data. For applications in disaster management, transportation, agriculture, forestry, fishing, oceanography, tourism, electricity, oil and mineral exploration, real estate, water quality monitoring, and many other areas, our job starts with understanding your requirements before proceeding to interface development and data hosting.

We offer:

  • Setup and hosting of open source GIS servers and others

  • Designing layer-architecture

  • Designing interface to Google Earth, Google Maps and GIS-software like ArcGIS, MapInfo

  • Database management

  • Integration of spatial and non-spatial data