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GIS & Digital Cartography

The usefulness of any geospatial system depends on how accurately the data were collected, stored, manipulated, and analyzed. We at PSPL always maintain careful control over all these processes because our job is not only about the map making, but also about integrating geo-data and transforming them into meaningful applications. Our geo-data analysis incorporates spatial modeling approach to quantify uncertain or qualitative statements from multi-spatial and temporal data values. Our experts have the GIS skills and knowledge required to solve a problem, develop a solution and build up an application that can be readily used by the decision makers.

PSPL provides a comprehensive range of GIS services to government and non-government organizations. Our GIS and mapping services include:

  • Data capture and conversion

  • GIS applications development

  • Spatial database design

  • Spatial modeling

  • Softcopy or hardcopy map production

  • GIS training