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Globally, urban areas are growing at an alarming pace. In fact, it is expected that by 2030 almost five billion people will live in urban areas, which would amount to 60% of the projected global population of 8.3 billion. The ever-growing anthropogenic pressures creates an enormous challenge for urban planning. Airborne surveys, high resolution satellite imagery and LiDAR scanning provide urban planners with improved opportunities to effectively plan the modern urban environment. From cadastral mapping to urban land-use planning and from infrastructure design to asset management, PSPL delivers the high quality geospatial information and analysis tools needed for sustainable development.

Relevant Services

  • Impervious surface mapping with high resolution satellite imagery

  • Automatic buildings and road detection from satellite imagery and elevation data

  • Detection of informal settlements from satellite imagery

  • Planning of infrastructure

  • Assessment of property

Our valued clients

  • Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority

  • Digha Sankarpur Development Authority