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Land Use Planning

Land use and land cover assessments are one of the most common application areas in remote sensing and GIS fields. Land cover mapping from remotely sensed data is a key component of PSPL’s capacity. PSPL uses eCognition technology for this purpose. Our object-based approach uses context information for classification and quantification of diverse environments. We help customers to develop applications on diverse land cover mapping. We successfully carried out land cover mapping projects in India ranging from very local to state-wide scales. Our land use land cover maps can be utilized for urban and rural planning, socio-economic and zonal planning, utilities mapping and emergency response and preparedness.

Relevant Services

  • Feasibility studies

  • Pipeline or communication infrastructure planning

  • Mapping of ecosystems

  • Environmental change detection

  • Uban growth evaluation and planning

  • Web-based land information systems

Our valued clients

  • NRDMS,Uttara Khand

  • Windforce, Gurgaon

  • BENFISH, Kolkata